About this site

"Those who do not know foreign languages, know nothing of their own."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
These pages appeared first as a part of my Homepage. I just wanted to give a glance of my hobbies - particularly of my favourite reading.

Because my pages were intended from the very beginning as three languages pages (Russian - native, German - of the country of residence, English - for those of my friends who have unlearned to read Russian ;-), so the favourite authors should also be presented in those languages.

It turned out, however, that the pages are visited not only by my friends but also by quite unknown people (mostly by students). That's why I decided 2004 to dedicate them an own site having redesigned the layout and, partially, the structure.
I intended to give an opportunity of comparing original texts with translated texts (of course, in excerpts) but, unfortunately, did not succeed in all cases.

I also attach great importance to up-to-dateness of links and try to update them regularly.

And some more words of Goethe I would like to qoute about this site:
"A work as this is never finished, one must simply declare it finished when one has within limits of time and circumstances, done what is possible."

So, in spite of incompleteness (I am strictly against "Under construction" labels) - welcome!

November 2004, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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